52nd Anniversary Edition


It was another post-event manual labor processing "experience" again this year, in spite of activity being down compared to previous years. The general consensus was that band conditions "sucked" (especially on 40 meters). That being said, the most important thing is that most folks who played in this year's LQP said they had fun. Isn't that what Contesting is supposed to be all about? Of course having the opportuity to win some meaningful awards like NCJ subscriptions (or renewals) does sweeten the proverbial pot :^)

Once again, Kudos to the Big Gun Contesters who joined in the LQP52 fun and cranked down the power to their big antennas. The LQP remains probably the most "levelized playing field" of any contest, and also a reminder of how important superb operating skills are!

There were some close "horse races" in several LQP Award categories by only a couple of QSOs. As a 1st time player in an LQP or NCCC NS, K0TG turned in a whopping score of 54,000 points to capture the top LQP/NCCC NS NOOB spot. LQP/NCCC NS NOOB category logs more than doubled as a percentage of all logs received compared to last year. One sidebar purpose of the LQP is to hopefully lure in some new folks to join us in the weekly NCCC NS practice sessions, and this appears to be working.

Here's what John, K0TG, had to say about his LQP experience:
     "What a fun event!  Had a blast.  I never have operated in Sprints, NCCC or the LQP.  I'm hooked now." 
A special TNX to this year's LQP Locust "Secret Swarmers" who are coincidentally staunch NCCC NS participants as well as fellow FOC pals. Jim, N3BB, and Howie ("AL" in the NS), N4AF, did a super job and amazingly had tied scores of 64,000 points. Way to go Locust "Secret Swarmers" !!!

Enough suspense. Here are the LQP Category winners of NCJ Subscriptions or Renewals this year:

  W4NZ  - W1, W2, W3, W4 (Traditional Call Prefix Area States Group)
  N5DO  - W5, W8, W9, W0 (Traditional Call Prefix Area States Group)
  K7SS  - W6, W7 (Traditional Call Prefix Area States Group * Non-NCCC)* TIED
  W7WHY - W6, W7 (Traditional Call Prefix Area States Group * Non-NCCC)* TIED
  VA7ST - VE4, VE5, VE6, VE7, VE8 (YT/NWT/NUNAVUT) Provinces Group
  N6RO  - NCCC Member (W6/W7 ONLY) Call Area Group
  None  - KH6 (HI), KL7 (AK), KP2(VI)/KP4(PR) Call Prefix Area Group
  None  - VE1(NB/NS/PEI/NL-LAB/MAR), VE2, VE3 Provinces Group
  None  - North America Outside of Canada, the USA and USA Territories

Ted/W4NZ, Dave/N5DO, Danny ("DanWA")/K7SS, Tom/W7WHY, Bud/VA7ST and Ken/N6RO are all NCCC "NS" Regulars, as were many other LQP participants this year. Bob, K6XX, was thwarted from his LQP GREEN POWER plans last year due to snow, but along with Mr. NS-Meister Bill, N6ZFO, both deserve special mention for their individually unique efforts which resulted in the two first ever entries in this category. No surprise that both are NCCC Members and that California seems to lead the pack with "Going Green" in general. (NS History: If memory serves me correctly, Bob, K6XX, and myself were "Tied" as Co-Winners in the very first NS years ago, and both recevied a book on "How To Overcome Addictions" :-)

Bob, KL7NC (an LQP Category Winner last year), braved terrible propagation from Alaska and managed to hand out some LQP QSOs. He decided not to send in his score this year and to "donate" what would have been an NCJ subscription renewal. Per the LQP Rules, the subscription $$$ will go to the NCCC for CQP/NS Awards purposes. In light of Bob's generosity, instead of flipping a coin to decide the "Tie" NCJ Award between K7SS & W7WHY, and in spite of the poor economy, I decided to step-up-to-the-plate and contribute another NCJ award for these annual supporters of the LQP. Congrats, guys, on the first "Tie" in LQP History!!! (NOTE: If all log submissions had resulted in a total "Tie", I might now be on Food Stamps).

WX3B, K4BAI, K6NV, K6OWL, W7SW, WW9R & XE1KK all kindly sent emails apologizing that they couldn't make the LQP this year due to schedule conflicts. We also missed a number of previous LQP participants. However, NS/SNS/LQP stalwart Mike, W9RE, always makes any contest an even more fun event and handed out a lot of LQP QSOs again this year. It seems propagation favored the TX boys to the South this time. Dave, N5DO, captured category top honors (with Mike, K5NZ, nipping right at his heels). I'm always amazed at how well fellow FOC'er Jim, W5JAW, does on 80m running only 25 watts to a 12 foot Tee Top Vertical. The CTDXCC gang have been great supporters of the NS/SNS and LQP. Mucho TNX, hombres !!!

In the Checklog Category, Kudos to Doug, W9WI, for his Honesty about forgetting to turn down his output power on 40 meters. For the 3 Categories with no log submissions, per the LQP Rules, the equivalent Award $$$ will again be donated to the NCCC for CQP and/or NS Awards. All U.S. Winners will receive their NCJ copies via First Class Mail, and those to Canada and Mexico will go Via Air Mail.

In the LQP Trivia Department, I started from the home QTH "RF Hole" on 40m and then switched to the new Locust Peak remote station for 80m. I wasn't sure if I still had enough (solar) battery power left up there to do the entire LQP remotely, but think 40m would have been more productive via remote from the get-go. If the rains ever let up and the road doesn't completely wash out, by Summer I hope to eventually get more antennas up beyond the TH3, Jr. at 27ft and Carolina Windom at about 40 feet. There are still solar/battery problems to be resolved, a wind turbine and possibly a generator to be added.

Once again, a common thread existed between most of this year's LQP Award winners - they have further fine-tuned their contesting skills by almost weekly participation in the one-half hour Thursday Night NCCC NS "Practice Sessions". Hopefully the 2009 "NS LADDER" event will yield the highest participation ever in the NS series. Please tell all your Contesting friends to check out the rules at: http://www.ncccsprint.com .

(A repeat of what I said last year)...

I'm firmly convinced that as we all age in years, more Little Pistol Contest Station operators would stretch a bit to spend more time in-the-chair (which would provide more QSOs for everyone) in some of the major contests, *IF* an additional "Levelized Playing Field" category would be added. The ideal venue would provide for scoring adjustments based upon types of antennas and height above ground, Geographical terrain/topograhy, SO1R vs. SO2R operation and power output level consideration factors. Anyone could still enter the archaic HP, LP & QRP categories as they now stand if desired. To this end, the LQP will at least attempt to make an annual (imperfect, but PERSISTENT) dent in the armored wall of Contesting Rules inequalities. NOTE: Operating Skills are still required to win, of course :-)

The complete 2009 LQP 52 Final Scores are HERE. Congrats again to all the Winners (and to K6XX for his 72,000 point highest score in the LQP). Many Soapbox Comments may be added later, but right now I need to get stuff together for my 65th Birthday trip to VP2V in a few days. Hope to work everyone in the ARRL DX CW Contest from VP2VVA.

Tnx again to all who showed up in this year's LQP. Let's do it again next year!!!

73 & Enjoy Contesting Fun Always...

Rick, K6VVA * The Locust
LQP (Locust QSO Party) Sponsor