51st Anniversary Edition

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2008 LQP RULES (.pdf)


Announcing: 2008 LQP (Locust QSO Party) … General Info …

The closest thing to a “Level Playing Field” is the LQP (Locust QSO Party), and the 2nd running will take place Thursday, January 24, 2008, at 6PM (PST - before the NCCC SNS and NS). The change from January 17th is to avoid conflict with another Thursday Night operating event. I had planned to sponsor LQP #2 during 2007, but some Alaska Contest-Peditions got in the way ?

If you think the LQP is for Contest Sissies, think again. See who some of the players were in the 1st LQP and read all the LQP soapbox comments at: http://www.k6vva.com/lqp/LQP50_SOAPBOXCOMMENTS.pdf . Kudos to the ‘Big Gun’ sharp Contest Ops who cranked down their power and demonstrated that ‘skill’ is still important.

LQP Category Award NCJ Subscription Winners from the 1st LQP in January, 2007, were: K1GU, W9RE, W7WHY, K6XX & VE3NBJ. No KH6/KL7/KP2/KP4 or VE5/VE6/VE7/VE8 category log entries were received last year, so the equivalent NCJ Subscription $$$ were given to the NCCC for CQP and NS Awards use. Hopefully, there will be activity and log submissions for NCJ Subscription winners from all categories in the 2008 LQP, including the THREE new additional entry categories:

1. ‘Non-W/K/VE North America’ entry category (XE1KK will love this)

2. ‘LQP/NS NOOB’ entry category (for those who did not play in the LQP last year and have never shown up for an NCCC NS)

3. ‘LQP GREEN POWER’ entry category (for battery/solar power only operation)

A few new tweaks to the LQP Rules include :

1. 80m and 40m DuoBander (to help mitigate skip condx problems experienced last year)

2. TWO Locust ‘Secret Swarmer’ stations (a/k/a ‘Mini-Locusts’) for additional Bonus Points (one on the East Coast, and one in Central USA). The latter should also give even the teenie weenie Little Pistol Contest Station operators a chance to score some Bonus Points on either 40m or 80m depending upon skip condx. You won’t know who the Locust Secret Swarmers are until you work them, so this should be an enticement to call anyone and everyone for a QSO. When someone responds to your CQ LQP, you never know – it just might be a Locust Secret Swarmer with some surprise Bonus Points.

3. This year the NCCC NS format offers Little Pistol stations even more opportunities to rack up Q’s in the LQP.

Thursday Night, January 24th, 2008 (USA Time) offers you 96 minutes of Contesting Fun with two nice pee breaks sandwiched in-between if necessary: LQP @ 51 Minutes (hosted by K6VVA), followed 9 minutes later by the SNS @ 15 minutes (hosted by W9RE), and 15 minutes after that the NCCC NS @ 30 minutes (hosted by N6RO). If your adrenalin is still pumping at 8PM (PST), join us for the Post-NS NCCC Thursday Night Net on 3610 Khz (hosted by N6RO). You might want to cancel any vacation plans that would keep you away from all the Contesting related fun that starts at 6PM (PST) on January 24th.

The new full 2008 LQP (Locust QSO Party) Rules are now available at: http://www.k6vva.com/lqp51 .

73 & Hope to work you in the new & improved fast-paced 2008 LQP…

Rick, K6VVA * The Locust
* Celebrating 51 Years as a Licensed Amateur Radio Operator
* C6AVA, KL8C (Trustee), KP2CW (Trustee)
* Co-Founding Member, NCCC
* FOC #1845 (Ex #845)
* A-1 Op
* DXCC, WAZ, WAS, etc., etc.
* CQP San Benito County Record Holder