K 6 V V A * LQP (Locust QSO Party)

LQP (Locust QSO Party)

The first LQP (Locust QSO Party) took place in January of 2007, as an on-air "50th Anniversary of License" event. It was deemed a more "Budget Friendly" alternative to paying airfare and hotel lodging for a bunch of my Contesting Ham friends to come to California for an in-person event :^)

2014 marked the 8th running of the LQP, and over $1,000 (USD) in LQP Awards in the form of NCJ (National Contest Journal) subscriptions or renewals (including un-awarded LQP Category donations to the NCCC - Northern California Contest Club) have been made thus far.

The LQP Rules were crafted to provide the most "Levelized Playing Field" venue of any Contesting event in Amateur Radio, and give everyone the opportunity to compete based upon "skill" vs. "size" (of stations and antennas :^) In order to accomplish the LQP goals & objectives, there are some rather...umh... "detailed" Scoring Rules involved.

Format wise the LQP is a "CW" venue Hybrid of the NA CW SPRINT and NAQP CW Contest exchanges. Many of the annual LQP Participants are NCCC NS & NS Ladder "Thursday Night Contesting" Regulars ("Addicts"), who enjoy the fast paced action of the basic "SPRINT" foundation.

In addition to "BONUS POINTS" offered for working the LQP SPONSOR (that would be me), the 2008 LQP introduced two new additional opportunities for "BONUS POINTS" by working what are called LQP "SECRET SWARMERS" (who remain "Secret" until the LQP begins). This also encourages all participants to work EVERYONE they hear (and be surprised with "BONUS POINTS" when they work another operator named "Locust" :^)

It's all about having some "Good Clean Fun", and a chance to win some NCJ subscriptions or renewals.