K6VVA/6 * IOTA NA-178

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The NA-178 Operator Team

K6VVA - Eric ("Rick") Hilding


K9AJ - Mike McGirr

Team Leader K6VVA, Rick, lives less than 90 miles from The Farallons, and has wanted to operate from there since he was 15 years old. He will turn 62 a few days before the NA-178 QRV.

Rick is a member of the Audubon Society, Rotary International, Screen Actors Guild, American Radio Relay League, FOC (First Class Operators' Club), A-1 Operator Club, Northern California Contest Club (Co-Founder), Garlic Valley Amateur Radio Club, Monterey Bay Amateur Radio Club, and IREF (Island Radio Expedition Foundation, Inc.).

Contest-Peditions include Mexico (Multi-Op), U.S. Virgin Islands (Top 10 Score Single-Op HP), and CQP (California QSO Party) Expeditions to San Benito County (set new record for 2005). Rick will operate both CW & SSB during the NA-178 IOTA Expedition.

Rick has been licensed for 48 years, and holds an FCC Extra Class License.

  IOTA Expeditionary Guru K9AJ, Mike, will make the trek from Illinois to help activiate this Rare IOTA. At age 59, Mike is a Retired Emergency Medicine Physician.

Mike is a member of the American Radio Relay League, and serves as a "VEC" (Volunteer Examiner Cooordinator). He is a member and Director of IREF (Island Radio Expedition Foundation, Inc.).

An impressive list of Mike's Island Expedition experience includes Howland Island, Palmyra Island, Kingman Reef, Heard Island, Ducie Island, Socorro Island-Revilla Gigedo Islands, Tarawa, Galapagos Islands, Bandos Island, Blaze Island & Couper Islands, Carriacou Island, Rennell Island, Chantry Island, Southampton Island, Somerset Island, Henderson Island, & Miskitos Cays.

Mike has been licensed for 42 years, and holds an FCC Extra Class License.


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