K6VVA/6 * IOTA NA-178

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Sponsors (Alphabetical)
NA-178 Contribution and/or Raffle Donation
Buddipole, Inc. Misc. components for use in the Farallon Special 40/30m antenna
DX Engineering Raffle Prize: $50 Gift Certificate! Also, loan of threaded aluminum extension shafts, coupling hardware and "Hot-Rodz" items for the "Farallon Special" 40/30m antenna
DX Publishing, Inc. Raffle Prizes: Certificates for subscriptions to the QRX DX Newsletter & The DX Magazine
Force 12 Antennas Raffle Prize: Sigma 5 Vertical Dipole! Donation of custom radial plate and X-Base extension masts for the "Farallon Special" 40/30m antenna
Ham Radio Outlet Donation of coax switch, coax, coax jumpers, barrel connectors and misc. items for the IOTA NA-178 Mission
High Sierra Antennas Loan of HS-1800 screwdriver, mounting bracket, capacity hat whips & whip extensions for the initial "Farallon Special" 40/30m antenna
IOTW - islandchaser.com Donation of website banner ad for the IOTA NA-178 Mission
I.R.E.F., Inc. Island Radio Expedition Foundation, Inc. Grant to assist with the IOTA NA-178 activation related expenses
Kenwood Raffle (Grand) Prize: TS-480S + 500Hz CW Filter - WOW !!!
KV4FZ - DX QTH Rental Raffle Prize: $500 Discount off regular KV4FZ DX Station Rental rates for 2006 IOTA Contest (K6VVA & G4RCG have operated from Herb's QTH)
N4PY Software Raffle Prize: Full copy of the incredible N4PY Radio Control Software (also great for Remote Control Station operation)
QSL CARD By IT9EJW IT9EJW has printed many quality QSL cards for the K9AJ IOTA Expeditions, and we are pleased to have him as a Sponsor!
South Valley Internet NA-178 Mission QRV webpage link updating by AA4RE with Pilot station data & airplane travel for FWS demonstration by WB6ZVW
Writelog for Windows Raffle Prize: Full copy of Writelog for Windows Contesting/Expedition software


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