K6VVA IOTA NA-152 Expedition
Sarichef Island, Alaska

25-27 JUNE 2013

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IOTA NA-152 (SARICHEF ISLAND) is a very short notice IOTA Expedition I've had on the IOTA "Back-Burner" for years, and this attempt is to hopefully zip up to NA-152 in-between all the bad solar "funk" (CME's, X-Flares and High K Index levels). If you need IOTA NA-152, there could be some Powerline QRN issues on the Island, so cross your fingers and say an extra prayer this plan works and NO bad solar "funk" and NO local QRN during my trip - Thanks !!! I will be taking a separate noise cancelling unit to hopefully help mitigate any local QRN issues. All of the 8 plane flights necessary are confirmed. I got the *last* available MP seating on both final small prop plane flights needed for NA-152. Tnx to HRO (Ham Radio Outlet) for helping facilitate my purchase of an ICOM VHF Marine Radio to present as a gift to local NA-152 Emergency Services.

SPECIAL NOTE: People need to understand that HF propagation in much of KL7 can be VERY UNPREDICTABLE, even though condx in other parts of the World may be OK. HF "Radio Blackouts" and other bad condx issues are common in KL7. My decision to schedule the trip 2 weeks in advance now instead of the longer propagation window forecast for next week was partly due to other QRL, but also that NA-152 Chukchi Sea ice has not melted yet (ice is BAD for RF vs. open salt water). Also the airline MP seating limitations. The NOAA 27 Day Forecast (see bottom of page) was used to pick the narrrow window of possibility. If a major solar X-Flare occurs on the day I am to leave for NA-152, the trip could be cancelled (postponed) at the last minute.

VERY IMPORTANT FOR CW CALLERS: On SSB it is easy to tell people to "S-P-R-E-A-D * O-U-T" or "Listening UP 5 to 10", but not so on CW. When very weak POLAR PATH QSB signals fade in and out of the noise, that means 100+ CW pileup callers all tightly huddled within 1Khz like a group of clucking hens on steroids need to S-P-R-E-A-D * O-U-T ("UP" - "UP" - "UP") but usually don't. I am going to try something new on his trip. If you hear me send "UP 1/3", or "UP 1/5", that means local RX condx are UGLY and the need is to S-P-R-E-A-D * O-U-T ("UP") from ONE to FIVE Khz !!! If necessary I may send "UP 1/7" or even "UP 8", "UP 9", etc. which the sharp "Little Pistol" CW operators will understand. FYI, I love 38WPM CW, but my IOTA Expedition CW speed is normally 29WPM. If Polar Path signals are extremely weak, I will QRS to 26WPM or sometimes even 23WPM if necessary due to QSB and Polar Flutter. If you need IOTA NA-152, I want to work you as much as you want to work me, so let's work together.

Special research shows the greatest relative need for NA-152 is in ASIA/JA, but also note the "Claimed" percentages for other Continental areas:

My understanding is that the majority of previous NA-152 QSOs were mostly SSB. I operate mostly "CW" (the best mode for Little Pistol IOTA stations to make a QSO).

EVERYTHING is EXPENSIVE in KL7. The cost of one gallon of drinking water at one of the Village Stores in Shishmaref is more than $10 (USD). At another, almost $7 ;-(

If NA-152 is a new IOTA for you, and if we QSO, then your support to help offset activation costs would be certainly appreciated. TNX very much !!!

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[ Important Information About NA-152 ]

OPERATIONAL INFO: Primarily CW on 40/30/20/17m (some SSB)
TXRX: 200w TS-480HX (Plus TS-480HX "Backup") ANT: Verticals
* If you QSL via the Bureau you MUST put "VIA N6AWD" on the card !!! *

* If you QSL via the Bureau you MUST put "VIA N6AWD" on the card !!! *




The official format for IOTA Designators is CC-nnn (NA-152, etc.). To help promote the IOTA Programme, IOTA Marathon, and make it E-A-S-I-E-R for IOTA Chasers to see IOTA postings (and not have to read through lines and lines of LH, RDA, WFF, etc. text), please consider the following:
  • ALWAYS use the FULL Official IOTA CC-nnn format in your postings.

  • ALWAYS start a cluster posting comment line with:
IOTA NA-152 (or whichever IOTA CC-nnn station you are posting)

This will help everyone to distinguish IOTA postings on the cluster pages !!!


  • Do NOT call me if I am already in QSO with another station.
  • Do NOT call me if I am trying to get a callsign NOT close to yours.
  • Do NOT call me if I am QSX for a Geographic area that is NOT yours.
Thank You. Others will thank you too. Violators may suffer consequences.